Abraham - Thomas & Associates
212-633-6629 Tel
212-633-6603 Fax
Prime Dime Principal Dime Savings Bank
The Rock Foundation Principal ABC / PSA
Penn Utilites Telephone Repair Man Conner Team
Henry Box Brown Henry Live Cast Recording
Dreamgirls James "Thunder" Early Ben Harney
The Wiz Mean "Ole" Lion Sherri McLachner
Best Talk In Town/ David Lampel Guest WB Network
Law & Order Big Boy NBC
Lifting Him Higher Host/Producer Jean Chong

The High School For The Performing Arts in New York City, Class of  91'

Acting with Eugene Nesmith, Ben Harney

Vocal Coach Kimberly Harley


Michael Harley Media

Let Me Entertain You With The Singing And Dancing Style of The



If you want Sinatra, Bobby Daren, Sammy Davis Jr., Calypso, Disco and Big Band with people happy and up out of their seats then look no further than The Michael Harley Show!

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